• High quality food-grade calcium hydroxide

    High quality food-grade calcium hydroxide

    Product Description
    Edible calcium hydroxide (calcium content ≥ 97%), also known as hydrated lime. Character: White powder, with alkali taste, with bitter taste, relative density 3.078; It can absorb CO₂ from the air and convert it into calcium carbonate. Heat to above 100 ℃ to lose water and form a carbonate film. Extremely insoluble in water, strongly alkaline, pH 12.4. Soluble in saturated solutions of glycerol, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sucrose, insoluble in ethanol.

    Usage Description
    As a buffer, neutralizer, and solidifying agent, food grade calcium hydroxide can also be used in medicine, the synthesis of food additives, the synthesis of high-tech biomaterials HA, the synthesis of VC phosphate esters as feed additives, and the synthesis of calcium naphthenate, calcium lactate, calcium citrate, additives in the sugar industry, water treatment, and high-end organic chemicals due to its role in pH regulation and coagulation. Provide effective assistance in the preparation of acidity regulators and calcium sources such as edible semi-finished products, konjac products, beverage products, pharmaceutical enemas, etc.