• High purity artificial fluorite balls

    High purity artificial fluorite balls

    Introduction of fluorite ball
    With the exploitation of fluorite ore, there are fewer and fewer high-quality fluorite raw ores, but the metallurgical industry needs more and more high-quality fluorite raw ores, so fluorite ball products came into being.

    Low-silicon high-purity fluorite ball, as a newly developed metallurgical metal material, is processed by processing low-grade fluorite ore, non-ferrous metal ore and other tailings resources.The content of calcium fluoride in low-grade fluorite block, fluorite powder (CaF2 content ≤ 30%) and tailings resources is raised to more than 80% by flotation, so as to achieve high grade fluorite flotation powder, and add organic or inorganic binders for pressure ball treatment, so as to be used for metal smelting and blast furnace cleaning.

    The fluorite ball is a spherical body formed by adding a certain proportion of binder into the fluorite powder, pressing the ball, drying and shaping. Fluorite ball can replace high-grade fluorite ore, with the advantages of uniform grade and easy control of particle size.